Kulturkosmos – more than just a project

Since 12 years the association Kulturkosmos Müritz provides the official framework for us, a constantly changing and developing group that has gathered on an old military airfield in Müritz. We form a free community of fellow campaigners from various backgrounds, whose life realities, professions and domiciles may differ profoundly, but who are all willing to contribute their free time to this shared venture. While many of us take an active part in art or culture work, others are coming from completely different areas.

The ideological goal of our conjoint action is the attempt to approach our ideal of a self-determined life, aloof from capitalistic restraints and exploitation interests and to make utopias for us a real life experience by turning model experiments into actually viable options. A very high standard that constantly turns out to work it’s self off due to arising inconsistencies and incapacities but that also collectively keeps us on track.

Emphasise and motor of our conjoint work is the organisation and execution of the, by now, internationally well-known Fusion-Festival. Beyond that, we still line up other projects, such as the at.tension-Festival, an interdisciplinary theatre festival that takes place every two years. But our surely biggest venture still consist in the conversion of our meanwhile more that 100 hectares measuring terrain with its grass-covered former aircraft hangars, from a military waste land into a unique culture site with countless possibilities for design and usage.


at.tension-Festival # 5 September 2015
Fusion-Festival: 26th -29th June 2014

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